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Tunbridge Ware

By Brian Austen. Extraordinary mosaic work in wood, principally done in the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent. Fairly plentiful supply still, so a book like this one will make your collecting, that much more enjoyable.

Tunbridge Ware

Brian Austen's book is both a superb work of scholarship and a fascinating introduction for the layman and the novice collector. He traces the history of the production of this attractive woodware in the Tunbridge area and also further afield along the south coast of Britain and in London. In providing a complete coverage of the mosaic and other techniques used in the Tunbridge ware industry, the author succeeds in filling an important gap in published information on the subject He also includes a comprehensive section on Killamey wares, about which little has been previously published. Tunbridgeware is well illustrated with a variety of sources, giving an excellent overall picture of the types of wares produced and a much needed guide to identification. There are also helpfully informative appendixes that list the various types of woodward the known manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Tunbridge ware and other Decorative woodwares are still to be found in accessible price ranges and are becoming increasingly popular as collectables. In this excellent guide both the new and experienced collector you have the definitive work this delightful type of woodware.

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