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Victorian Staffordshire Figures - Book Two

By Harding A. & N. 2 of 3 volumes packed with coloured pictures of every type of Staffordshire production. Produced in Ameria yet written by English dealers these volumes supplement the famous Pugh book.

Victorian Staffordshire Figures - Book Two

The collecting of Staffordshire figures, a particularly English folk art, has expanded from its origins to include much of the English speaking world. This work, in three books, details and illustrates the range and depth of figures made by the potters. Over 2900 figures are illustrated in Book One and Book Two, virtually all in the brilliant colour which was imperative for the beauty and simplicity of the figures, many of which have never before been recorded, to be fully appreciated. A history of the figures' together with many sources and relevant bibliographical details' are included along with a guide to present prices. BOOK ONE Is the definitive work on Portrait E1gures, and also includes Naval and Military, and Theatrical and Literary Characten concluding Opera, Ballet, and Circus. BOOK TWO Details Religous and Temperance Figures; Hunters and Huntsmen; Shepherds, Gardeners, Harvesters, and Pastoral Scenes; Other Pursuits, Pastimes and Occupations; Children with Animals; Dogs; Animals; Houses, Cottages, and Castles; and Sport and Miscellaneous. BOOK THREE This thorough Addendum expands upon the authors' original two volume set. Over 1100 nineteenth century British figures are presented in 861 colour photographs organized and numbered to coincide with the set. Also included are collecting advice, stories of the people represented, sources, bibliography and a guide to current prices. This book is for all interested in Victorian ceramics and history earthenware figures, and folk art.

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