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Polishing Cloth Copper/Brass Polish Antiquax Wipes Silver Polish Tableau Silver Polish
Tableau Polishing Cloth Silver Polish Antiquax Furniture Wipes Silver Polish Silver Polish

There are a number of recommended antique polish, antique reference books and antique cleaning products for sale on the site along with free advice, valuation and packing and shipping information and more.

The extensive online shop includes antique polishes, antique cleaners and reference books relating to fine art and antiques.

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Antique Cleaning Products for furniture, silver, glass and mirrors gap Furniture polish, silver polish and metalwork polish gap Antique reference books

Antique Cleaners

Antique Polish

Reference Books

Antiquax | Liberon
Tableau | Goddards

Antiquax | Silver Service
Jacpol | Briwax | Harrell's

Clocks | Metalwork
Furniture | Fine Art | All
Furniture, silver, glass and mirrors and general household cleaners Furniture, silver and metalwork Polish for antique and household use. Antique reference books ranging from furniture to caddy spoons.

Antique and Fine Art Expert Advice

Information on care compiled by experienced experts covering a wide range of topics. Cleaning information Display suggestions Handling hints and storage tips. Also, get in touch with the right person to lovingly restore your works. Click here to get started.

Ethical Packaging are committed to the enviroment and wherever possible we re-use packaging and protective materials when sending items to our customers.

Fine Art has access to the world's largest data bank of fine art auction records with over 4 million auction entries since 1700. Areas covered include paintings, prints, posters, drawings, miniatures, sculptures, photography and tapestry.


Please note: Searching for an artist will take you to, our affiliate partner. In order to fully access this site and obtain substantial detailed information (see below for examples), charges may apply. The extent of these charges is clearly explained before any commitment is made.

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Liberon Steel Wool | Antiquax Leather Cream | Antiquax Leather Care Wipes | Tableau Jewellery Cloth | Tableau Copper and Brass Cloth | Tableau Copper and Brass Mitt | Goddards Silver Polish | Tableau Silver Cleaning Mitt | Antiquax Silver Polish | Antiquax Silver Plate | Antiquax Copper & Brass Polish | Cera Cena Wax | Antiquax Furniture Wipes | Silver Service | Harrell's Traditional Wax

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