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Carpets and rugs are to be used and enjoyed but remember that they are in themselves valuable works of art so some thought pertaining to their use and display is recommended.


- Generally only clean antique carpets and rugs through a recognised conservator.? Applying cleaning fluids or or even water can cause colours to run.

- Carpets can be "hoovered" lightly (only in the direction of the pile), but use only low settings. If fibres start to become detached, stop immediately.

- If you spill, quickly put clean white paper towels above and below the spill to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.? Continue this process until all the liquid is absorbed.? If a stain results do not be tempted to use commercial carpet cleaners or water to remove the stain.? Consult a recognised conservator.


- Do not attempt repairs yourself. Consult a recognised conservator.


- Keep well away from open fires.

- Rotate on a systematic and regular basis to distribute wear.

- Do not expose to bright or direct sunlight which can fade colours.

- Avoid wetting and high humidity environments.? Mould, fungus and insect damage can result.

- Avoid small healed shoes which can damage fibres.

- Do not use nails, staples or adhesive tape to secure carpets or rugs. An underlay can be useful to deter excessive movement if required but do not be tempted to fix in place.

- Keep pets away. Urine stains are difficult to remove and claws can quickly do irreparable damage.

- Inspect regularly for insect infestation.


- When moving or transporting carpets or rugs roll up to avoid damage (always roll rugs with the pile facing outwards).


- Store all carpets and rugs rolled and at constant humidity.

- Inspect regularly for fungus, mould or insect infestation.

- Valuable carpets and rugs can be additionally wrapped in acid free tissue.

The Trusted Experts on the site will advice you about restoration and many other matters related to what we hope will be a very enjoyable and at times profitably hobby and past time.

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